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The Wynyard Golf Course is a 'links' course. The British Golf Museum says that "links" are coastal strips of land between the beaches and the inland agricultural areas. So we are able to offer you a high profile opportunity to be a part of the "Best Little Links Course in Australia" and wish to hear from you so that we can discuss how we may best serve your needs. We want to offer you a high profile opportunity to be a part of 'The Best Little Links Course in Australia' and offer any company the chance to become a valued partner by sponsoring one or more of the following: The first way to become a partner is to sponsor a 'Golf Hole'.
The Wynyard Golf Club will provide a quality, durable professionally designed advertising sign measuring 1m x 1.5 m showing your logo/corporate banner, slogan and any other required details. All signs on our tee beds are clearly visible. This type of sponsorship would cost as little as $ 400.00 per year with the cost of the design, production and erection of the sign being covered by your first year's sponsorship. Accounts for subsequent year's sponsorship will be tendered annually. If you would like to sponsor a golf hole of our club, we would be pleased to hear from you and a representative of our sponsorship committee would call on you to discuss the matter.
The second but by no means the last way to become a partner through sponsorship would be to obtain the naming rights for one of our major events throughout the year. This type of sponsorship is much sought after as it advertises your business or organisation throughout the year, during the event and when results are published after the event. The usual cost for such 'naming rights' may be as low as $ 1200.00 per event. Also, throughout the year there are many opportunities to get your name in the public arena by sponsoring one or a number of golf game prizes. Typically these prizes may be in the form of gift vouchers or actual merchandise. Popular prizes are golf attire, golf buggies, golf bags, golf clubs, golf gloves, golf balls, etc.

Great! Please call the Golf Club either on Thursdays, Wednesdays or Saturday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm on 0364422614.

The Wharf Hotel's Sponsor sign
Typical Sponsor's Sign facing the Practice Putting Green

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