56  players

Stephen Wright and Shaun Baker +11

Runners up:
Owen Richards and Daniel Hall +9 (OCB)

3rd Place:
Graeme Franks and John Robotham +9

4th Place:
Josh Milikin and Stephen Scolyer +8

Other Scores:
Andrew Jenkins and Todd Chatwin +7
Damien Hoiberg and Sam Saward +7
Ashley McDougall and Tim Walker +7
Ant Macmichael and Ant Smith +6

4th/13th: Jamie Hollingsworth
6th/15th: Todd Chatwin
8th/17th: Todd Chatwin
Gold Pin: Todd Chatwin

Upcoming events:
Sun. 16th: 9 Hole
Tues. 18th: Wynyard Vets
Wed. 19th: Rainbow Day Stableford
Thurs. 20th: Chicken Run
Sat. 22nd: Ambrose Twosome (Invitational)
Sun. 23rd: 9 Hole Stableford