Division 2

Burnie 4 defeated Wynyard 3 at Burnie
I Coffey lt J Hubbard 3/1, P Loring 1up d P Harding, M Dick lt M Littler 3/2, M Grice lt AJ Hancock 7/6, Q Overton 9/7 d C Clark, P Bradow 2/1 d A Middap, M Ellis 2/1 d J Jenkins.


Division 4

Smithton 4 defeated Wynyard 3 at Seabrook
L Gardner 2/1 d A Macmichael, D Horton 5/4 d D Baker, N Nicholls lt J Baker 5/4, L Elliott 3/1 d J Robertson, M Sheehan lt S Saward 5/4, J Farrelly lt K Kubicki 1up, L Sheehan 2up d Jordie Baker.


Division 6 (H’cap)

Wynyard 4 defeated Ulverstone 3 at Wynyard
A Cadwallender 19th d D Smith, J Milikin 2/1 d E Wilson, M Baker lt B Heazlewood 1up, D Hall lt B Guard 1up, O Richards 4/2 d J Sharman, A Brazendale 3/1 d A Brett, K Young lt G Crawford 3/1.


Div. 2 – Burnie v Wynyard at Ulverstone, 26th May at 9:00am.

Div. 4 – unfortunately missed out on the final 2 spot against Smithton in a close tussel! Top effort guys

Div. 6 – After some close games throughout the year iv 6 finally got their first team for the year, defeating top of the ladder Ulverstone!  Excellent team effort.!

To all pennant players and members who either represented and contributed for the WGC for the pennant year, congratulations and than you on making it a great season and good luck to Division 2 for making the final next Sunday @ Ulverstone against Burnie!  WGC invites all members and supporters to head over next Sunday to cheer them on.  Good luck!!!